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Finteca Holdings brings together leading Russian companies that provide much-needed financial and technology services to businesses With our proprietary IT technology and project synergies, we build effective business models and continue to develop by providing our customers with only the highest-quality services at reasonable prices.



Buy and Sell Without Risk.Online

SafeCrow is a service for secure transactions online. SafeCrow reduces risks for buyers and sellers by placing transaction amounts in a special account with a state bank until the parties perform their obligations. If disputes arise between the participants, it resolves them through commercial and arbitration courts.

With SafeCrow, buyers can be confident that their orders will be delivered on time and as described, and the sellers are guaranteed to receive due payment.

Our solution helps marketplaces, online stores and trading platforms on social media provide a convenient and safe environment for online trade, build more trust between transaction participants, which leads to a greater number of online transactions and boosts website popularity among users.

 SafeCrow interface of creating deals
SafeCrow interface of creating deals


Affordable Financing to Grow Your Business

SimpleFinance is a unique solution on the market, as it offers lots of options for business loans – ranging from factoring to p2p lending. It also has its own credit risk assessment and analysis system, flexible terms for customers and a high-tech solution for servicing issued loans.

This platform helps small and medium-sized businesses choose the best source of funding for their development and obtain financing within the shortest period of time.

Online loan application
Online loan application


Investments and Loans on Your Terms

SimplyFi is a p2p platform for small business financing where loans can be provided by both individuals and investment companies.

With SimplyFi, business owners receive online access to a large number of offers for unsecured loans from an unlimited number of investors.

For investors, SimplyFi is a convenient tool to find profitable investments with a minimal amount of risk, as all borrowers are thoroughly vetted and SimplyFi takes part in all transactions as an investor

Client managment system of SimplyFi
Client managment system of SimplyFi


Turnkey Loyalty Programs

CardsPro is a developer and distributor of comprehensive solutions for creating and managing any type of loyalty program. An in-house processing center, cloud-based software, and partnerships with most retail chains secure CardsPro’s success as a reliable platform for any gift, reward, savings or prepaid card programs without any complex and costly integrations. Projects of cobranding banking cards set going via a technology platform of IQCard.

With personalized products from CardsPro, companies build more trust among their customers, incentivize buyers and motivate employees. CardsPro helps merchants improve brand awareness and expand their audience reach by distributing gift cards and e-certificates through its Paradox network.

Client managment system of CardsPro
Client managment system of CardsPro



Safebox offers storage facilities for commercial or private use. Units can be rented of any size from one week to multiple years right in the heart of Moscow. Safebox provides a clean and ventilated environment with modern security systems for your personal items. Safebox’s customized offer allows customers to their units and location by simple demand.

The form of SafeBox leasing
The form of SafeBox leasing


New Generation E-commerce Platform – is a large online marketplace carrying over 2.400 brands and 65.000 individual items. A single e-commerce platform where customers can shop among domestic Russian and international manufacturers at discounted prices and without overpriced delivery.

All products undergo a thorough inspection prior to shipment, with quality and customs certificates upon request. Orders can be assembled and purchased in a variety of product categories, with a single secure payment online. Each order is shipped with an individual tracking code for real time status updates. URRAA allows customers to save time when choosing suppliers, optimizes logistics and provides verified quality-control.

Client managment system of URRAA
Client managment system of URRAA


One-Way Car-sharing Service in Moscow

Anytime - is the first car-sharing service in Moscow operating on a per-minute rental rate. All functions– Start/End of rental, locking/unlocking of the car, search of complimentary petrol stations, rental payment - are consolidated within the Anytime APP. The technological platform has been developed entirely in Russia, without any equivalents in the world.

The service offers a variety of cars 24 hours a day, based on their proximity to you. All costs associated with fleet maintenance, insurance, cleaning and fuel are fully covered by Anytime, as well as qualitative 24/7 customer support. Anytime involves customers in the development of its service, by promoting feedback and advice from its members.

Online car-sharing service
Online car-sharing service


Single taxi number for all of Russia

Taxi 1331 – is a city-based taxi service operating in 50 Russian municipalities available under one nation-wide number. The service can be ordered effortlessly via the toll-free four-digit phone number, through the company’s website or through the personalized ‘1331’ APP. Owing to the large car fleet and quick operational system the average waiting time is 7 minutes.

Expert quality-control enables uncompromising service and effective settlement of claims. The variety of vehicle classes and flexible tariff system enable consumers to travel the city with a level of comfort at reasonable prices. Bonus points and discounts are offered to all loyal customers of Taxi 1331.

Сheckout form of 1331 Taxi
Сheckout form of 1331 Taxi
Provading secure online deals
Small and Medium Enterprise funding
p2p loans for Small and Medium Enterprise
Turnkey gift, payment, and loyalty programs
Storage facilities for commercial or private use
Online marketplace
Moscow car-sharing service
Taxi service
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